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As part of Velti's best practice approach to mobile marketing, we're offering white papers that provide insights into industry trends, market research, and information that will help you make the right decisions for your mobile strategies and campaigns.

Mobile — The Shop in Your Pocket

Mobile has made a huge impact on the global retail industry. Consumers now browse, search and purchase products via their mobile device whenever and wherever they like. It's a consumer driven market and as consumers become more comfortable purchasing via mobile their expectations of the mobile brand experience are developing.

The only way to find out is to firmly put yourself in the shoes of the retail customer, so at Velti we surveyed 3000 UK consumers to find out their attitudes. Key findings indicate that over 50% of would opt-in to receive smart direct mobile communications with their favoured brands, citing retailers as the second most trusted sector.

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Mobile White Book 2012

This publication is a compilation of online commentary, Velti’s own research, and your input from our online mobile marketing research study. It represents the expertise from Mobile Interactive Group (MIG), the UK’s leading mobile marketing innovators which became a part of Velti’s global family and strengthened our presence in the UK/European market. In the Mobile White Book, you’ll find our latest white paper research into the UK market - and see how mobile is now a media channel which is “open for business” and will be transformational to how brands reach and engage with their customers since the advent of the web.

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The UK Opportunity for “Total Mobile” Multi-Channel Marketing – June 2012

A whitepaper researched and written by mobileSQUARED, presented by the former Mobile Interactive Group (MIG), now a part of Velti. The study indicates over 50% of UK consumers would opt in to receive direct smart mobile communication with their favoured brands, with participants citing mobile network operators (MNO’s), Retailers, Financial Services and Travel as the most trusted sectors.

The research uncovered that key factors were influential to driving successful “opt-in” results, including:

  • building trusted relationships
  • giving consumers choice
  • adopting a conversational tone to drive response
  • making communications timely and relevant
  • building a mobile strategy that's device agnostic
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