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Mobile is where the action is

Mobile is here to stay – but as a nascent market, it can intimidate marketers who want to incorporate mobile into their programs. While some companies wait on the sidelines, those who take the plunge have a tremendous opportunity to build brand awareness and reach customers in exciting new ways. With a trusted technology partner that provides a powerful all-in-one solution, going mobile is all upside.

  • 7.4B
    mobile phone subscriptions worldwide by 2015
  • $20.6B
    projected worldwide mobile advertising revenue by 2015, more than 6x the spend in 2011
  • 75%
    of the smartphone market is Android and iOS

All mobile solutions are not created equal

The exploding popularity of mobile devices has opened a critical channel for marketers. Where marketers struggle – both within companies and at agencies supporting brands – is where Velti can help by becoming a trusted partner for mobile initiatives.

  • Mobile standards are continually shifting.

    With 10+OS platforms, countless APIs, and thousands of devices, building an efficient mobile marketing strategy can be daunting.

  • Disjointed solutions lead to disjointed results.

    Cobbling together various point solutions can lead to confusion, raising questions about how to measure the true effectiveness of mobile campaigns.

  • Limited visibility can be crippling.

    Mobile advertising and marketing initiatives often involve distributed teams, from media planners and creative resources to account executives. Being able to see what is happening across the campaign lifecycle and stages is critical for successful outcomes.

The mobile technology that puts ideas in motion

Velti mGage is a comprehensive technology platform that enables marketers to plan media, create mobile assets, and drive engagement. With mGage, marketers gain vital insights that help to inform future mobile interactions and campaigns.

  • mGage for Mobile Advertising.

    Velti incorporates the activities related to buying ad inventory with the Media Console – a rich planning tool that allows marketers and their agencies to discover publishers, define audience segmentation, and build practical media plans for mobile. Both buyers and sellers can access the Velti Exchange to find the most optimal match for advertising inventory.

  • mGage for Mobile Marketing.

    Velti provides an innovative set of tools needed to produce assets and create highly interactive communication and messaging campaigns.

  • mGage for Data & Analytics.

    Velti allows marketers to capture critical data about the performance of mobile campaigns. Dashboards and analytics provide key metrics that marketers can use to boost their efforts throughout the marketing cycle.