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mGage For Mobile Marketing

As a marketer, finding the right technology partner to assist in the creation and delivery of your mobile initiatives is critical. With Velti's mGage platform, you now have a self-service solution with easy-to-use tools that help you plan media, produce mobile assets, and run highly interactive campaigns. Alternatively you can leverage Velti's managed services team to manage and deliver your mobile initiatives.

PRODUCTION CONSOLE Move at the speed of mobile

As mobile standards continue to change, you need the ability to adapt your approach as you go. Velti's flexible platform lets you adapt and refine your mobile marketing and advertising strategies as the landscape evolves.


  • Use innovative tools to build mobile assets.

    Quickly build mobile sites, landing pages and rich media ad units. Velti's mGage Production Console helps you deliver broad mobile experiences including HTML5 mobile sites and ad units in no time.

  • Produce content once - deliver it everywhere.

    Cater to a variety of mobile platforms and devices with production tools that automatically render content for different handset types. This allows your creative team to focus on building content rather than having to re-build assets over and over again.

  • Keep your finger on the pulse of your audience.

    Find out how your audience are interacting with your campaigns with detailed site analytics and reporting. See what they are engaging with, and determine what's working and what's not.

INTERACTION CONSOLE Reach, engage, and reward your audiences

Link your mobile marketing and mobile advertising efforts together to supercharge your results. The Velti Messaging Console gives you the ability to build lists, segment your audiences, and deliver personalized, highly-interactive messages that keep customers interested.

  • Track conversions across multiple channels.

    Connect online initiatives with traditional ones - such as billboard, print, and POS - to track key metrics in a single dashboard. With end-to-end visibility and tracking, you'll be able to refine your efforts for even better results.

  • Loop in retention and loyalty components of the marketing lifecycle.

    Build out campaigns and programs to help retain users and cultivate loyalty. Create and manage offers that encourage upselling and drive new revenues.

  • Tie mobile efforts into customer care.

    Supplement and extend the value of your legacy customer relationship management efforts with mobile marketing campaigns that help your customers feel heard and supported.

mGAGE FOR MOBILE OPERATORS Get carrier-grade performance for large campaigns

Velti's mGage platform supports interactive, high-volume campaigns for mobile carriers. Our carrier-grade solution enables you to plan, optimize, and analyze all your mobile activities through a secure, fully integrated platform.

  • Captivate your customer base.

    Develop unique, personalized campaigns that keep users entertained and involved.

  • Capture an engaged audience with opt-in programs.

    Use and grow an opt-in database to gather insights and grow new revenue streams.

  • Learn from each campaign to improve future efforts.

    Receive detailed analytics and KPIs that you can use to refine each campaign for better results.