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mGage For Data & Analytics

Capturing and tracking customer activity along the conversion path of a mobile campaign is challenging. Velti's mGage Platform employs advanced technologies in activity tracking and data analysis to provide end-to-end visibility across your mobile marketing and advertising initiatives.

REPORTING & ANALYTICS Keep your performance in check

With mGage Reports, you can generate and view performance reports down to placement, acquisition, and conversion-level metrics that help you optimize campaign ROI and effectiveness. mGage allows you to gain insight into your advertising and marketing data that can drive decision making for current and future mobile efforts.


  • See all types of media channels in one place.

    Get a comprehensive view of all mobile, traditional, and online media used in a campaign. See the number of impressions and clicks per publisher, the click-through-rate (CTR) per publisher and creative, and the % CTR for your top five publishers and creative with an "All Media Analysis".

  • Understand the interaction points.

    Crunch the detailed statistics of your campaign through a set of predefined Interaction Reports. View stats for all of your mobile marketing interactions, and drill down to get details as you need them.

  • Know how your mobile site is performing.

    Get in-depth analysis of mobile site traffic and conversion stats for each conversion defined in the site.

OPTIMIZATION Take command of your campaigns

Velti's mGage dashboard enables marketers to optimize their mobile campaigns while following their performance in near-real time. Gain a deeper understanding of your campaign as you view rich metrics and ROI figures, so you can gauge which efforts are making significant contributions to the overall campaign.

  • Access data and analytics in the Conversion Monitor.

    Find vital information about all of your campaign tactics - such as detailed analysis of ROI and cost per conversion - in the Conversion Monitor. See metrics such as aggregate number of impressions, clicks, and more, so you can analyze performance.

  • Visualize your media and interactions with Performance Graphs.

    Get a graphical representation across media and interaction performance based on the rich data presented in the Conversion Monitor. mGage surfaces key indicators so you can optimize your running mobile campaign. Or, learn from historical performance so that you can create a richer future mobile initiative.