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mGage For Mobile Advertising

The success of any mobile marketing or advertising initiative is determined by the results it achieves. But when these initiatives are run separately, using different measurement tools, it can be difficult to gauge success. Velti's mGage platform integrates previously separate projects and media campaigns in one place, for better visibility and insight.


For buyers, being able to measure performance across the entire mobile advertising lifecycle - from ad placement to conversion - is crucial to realizing the most value for your ad spend. Velti's Ad Server brings it all together on a single unified platform. Measure performance across ad networks, publishers, media types, and much more.

CONSOLIDATED MEDIA MANAGEMENT Get more accomplished with a single dashboard

  • Bring your media relationships together.

    Access a central repository to help control and consolidate your existing relationships with publishers, ad networks, and developers.

  • Segment your inventory and manage allocations.

    Segment your publishers and locate and categorize ads associated with your campaigns.

  • Measure campaign performance every step of the way.

    View near real-time data and analytics on current campaigns with consolidated reporting. Adjust your tactics for high performance and optimization.

TARGETED AD SERVING Narrow in on current and future customers


  • Say goodbye to complicated targeting systems.

    Quickly set up your ad targets with Velti's built-in wizard. Segment by user demographics, location, handset type, content section and much more. Set ad delivery pacing for CPC and CPM campaigns.

  • Make your ad placements more effective.

    Plan and select publishers and media in an intuitive, streamlined interface.

  • Optimize your efforts for greater results.

    Leverage Velti's real-time visibility into marketing and campaign performance to make changes on the fly for maximum value per impression.

CROSS-CHANNEL AD DELIVERY Reach your audience wherever they are

  • Deliver your ads anywhere.

    Place your ads in mobile sites, on video content, in games and apps - and set campaign goals that tie back to each channel.

  • Stay in compliance with regulations.

    Get ad units that are MMA compliant - for banner, pre- and post-roll video, audio, interstitials, pop-ups and more - which lower your production costs and make it easier to work with creative agencies.

Exchange / SSP

The Exchange provides a single place where ad buyers and sellers can facilitate their mobile advertising needs. Providing unparalleled levels of visibility, control, and flexibility, the Exchange helps brands and agencies maximize their return on advertising spend, and helps publishers realize the full revenue potential of their inventory.

OPEN AD EXCHANGE The place where buyers and sellers connect

A good ad exchange has two components: high-quality inventory and top-notch ad buyers. Velti's open ad exchange has both, bringing together an unparalleled network of buyers and sellers to drive engaging mobile ad campaigns around the world.

    Find the inventory you're looking for.

    Discover available inventory from 30+ ad networks and 15,000 publishers on Velti's open ad exchanges. Search based on target audience or specified publishers.

    Make your needs known.

    Declare your inventory requirements to find the best match - segment based on price, required targeting precision, and desired transparency level.

    Optimize every impression.

    Plan, choose, and place your mobile media buy in a single place to see dramatic improvements in results.

    Segment your inventory any way you choose.

    Get the flexibility to segment your mobile advertising inventory. Adjust for your desired level of control and buyer transparency.

    Use the SDK optimized for mobile.

    At under 270kb, Velti's mobile SDK leaves plenty of room for the content and features your users want.

    Benefit from real-time bidding.

    Watch your revenues tick higher with Velti’s real-time bidding platform, which enables you access to unlimited ad networks on the fly as advertisers bid on your inventory.

PRIVATE EXCHANGE Make the match - on your terms

The mGage Private Mobile Marketplace is available to buyers and sellers that meet certain volume levels. This "walled garden" allows individual agencies, publishers, and operators to match chosen buyers and sellers of ad inventory.

    Stay in complete control over your ad buying.

    Keep a close eye on your ad spending and make adjustments whenever you need to.

    Conduct business with complete privacy.

    Hand-select participants in an environment that is all your own.

    Maintain full visibility into all marketing and advertising initiatives.

    Research, plan, execute, track, and optimize your campaigns in one place. Compare campaign performance across all media inventory, including outdoor, print, TV, online, and mobile.

    Optimize your ad inventory.

    Improve the discoverability of your mobile web and app inventory while avoiding channel conflicts.

    Maintain total control over your inventory.

    Keep a tight reign on your inventory; make changes whenever you wish.

    Get comprehensive insights into the entire inventory sales lifecyle.

    Monitor and refine your inventory and pricing with Velti's advanced analytics.

Media Console

Your campaigns may be complex, but your workflow shouldn't be. The Velti's mGage Media Console provides a simpler, more effective way to manage your mobile advertising campaigns, so that you can stay on track and in charge.


  • Get your campaigns off to a great start.

    Research your media options then move directly into set up and launch - all in one place.

  • Keep tabs on your ad serving activities.

    Skip the point solutions for an integrated ad serving solution that includes centralized ad tagging, trafficking, ad serving, and delivery.

  • Maintain complete visibility at all times.

    Monitor the effectiveness of your campaign with real-time reporting and post-click reporting and analysis.