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Case Studies

For Marketers & Agencies


The Last Lions Mobile Campaign

When the National Geographic film "The Last Lions" was set to debut, the company approached Velti to help them promote the film and drive awareness of their Big Cats Initiative. Their goal: to increase ticket sales, grow contributions, and use social media to build awareness for this special cause. The results of this initiative had the potential to make a big difference to the plummeting population of lions in the wild.

THE VELTI SOLUTION Mobile users hear the roar

We deliver technology and services that enable companies to engage with and reach their consumers through innovative mobile marketing and advertising efforts.

  • A fully featured mobile site where people could watch the trailer, find a movie theater, enter the sweepstakes, download mobile content , and post to social networks.
  • A mobile community and sweepstakes where fans could win tickets and receive alerts & reminders about the movie.
  • An iPhone application called "Urban Safari" and a Last Lions Wallpaper that encouraged engagement.

RESULTS THAT MATTER Big cats net big support

The mobile campaign ran for two full months, raising awareness about the movie and the cause and ultimately helped raise more contributions for the Big Cats Initiative. The numbers speak for themselves:

  • 2x the industry average in site visits
  • Rise in click-thru rate from 44% to 50%
  • 19% increase in sweepstakes participation rate
  • 200% jump in URL traffic from messaging to mobile web


Official Hot Dog of LA Campaign

Los Angelinos love their hot dogs, and Farmer John decided to tap into the passion with a campaign to make their bacon-wrapped hot dog the Official Hot Dog of L.A. They approached Velti to help them create a buzz-worthy mobile campaign with the goal of getting thousands of people to vote for them.

THE VELTI SOLUTION A sizzling mobile strategy generates interest

Velti helped to develop and launch an innovative campaign for Farmer John that included the following:

  • Mobile tie-ins added to TV, radio, print and outdoor ads.
  • Integration with Foursquare with incentives for mobile check-ins.
  • A messaging-based voting system to drive votes for Best Hot Dog in LA.
  • A mobile strategy for encouraging fans to share the campaign with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

RESULTS THAT MATTER Farmer John becomes top dog

The mobile campaign was a big success for Farmer John, helping them to raise awareness about the contest and driving voting and social media activity. The campaign got fans talking and also boosted sales:

  • 8% of total votes received came from mobile
  • 2,160 new members joined Farmer John's mobile club
  • 4% of users shared the campaign on Facebook
  • Foursquare check-ins grew 100% at each Tailgater event
  • Sales increased 50% for Farmer John whereas market leader decreased 20% during campaign


A Juicy Mobile Campaign

With the tagline "Drink No Evil" and flavors like Wild Black Cherry and Mocha Madness, beverage maker Adina is shaking up the world of juices, elixirs, and bottled coffee drinks. They approached Velti with the goal of bridging online and offline marketing efforts, engaging customers, and building interest in the brand.

THE VELTI SOLUTION A winning combination

Velti helped to develop and launch a pilot mobile program for Adina that included the following:

  • A mobile code printed on neck rings of Adina's juice bottles that directed participants to a mobile landing page.
  • A mobile site where participants could download content and promotional materials and win Adina t-shirts.
  • A messaging campaign where users could opt-in to receive product info, promotional alerts, and info about future campaigns.

RESULTS THAT MATTER Taking the lid off some surprising results

Adina received a big bump from the mobile channel - during the 90-day pilot campaign, they achieved higher response rates than during a full year of a traditional national media campaign:

  • 56% of all participants played more than 5 times each
  • 10% of participants joined the mobile community

For Publishers & Media


Mobile users love to fly

iCopter Free is a helicopter game in which players overcome different obstacles during flight in order to advance to higher levels. Ads ran continuously throughout the game, a strategy that distracted users and produced low click-through rates. The folks behind iCopter turned to Velti for help in developing an ad strategy that was better suited to the game.

STATS On the flight deck

  • TOTAL DOWNLOADS: 5 million
  • REVENUE: 70% from in-app advertising / 30% from in-app purchases

RESULTS THAT MATTER Optimizing ad rotation makes CTR take off

Velti's easy-to-use dashboard allowed iCopter to tweak their ad settings to improve results. By changing their ad rotation cycle to refresh after every "flight" rather than running continuously, users paid more attention. Soon, their ads were getting some serious air time:

  • CTR Doubled
  • Revenue increased 2X
  • Audiences engaged with the new content


iPad users get face to face

Facepad is an extension of Facetime, allowing users to make Facetime calls with numbers that are not on their contact lists. When Facepad launched on the iPad, it contained a 300x50 ad unit that was calling from only one ad network, resulting in extremely low click-through rates. The team turned to Velti for help, looking for insights on how to better monetize the app.

STATS A peek behind the screen

  • TOTAL DOWNLOADS: 3.5 million
  • REVENUE: 75% from in-app advertising / 25% from in-app purchases
  • AVERAGE CTR: 0.5%

RESULTS THAT MATTER Correct ad size increases user engagement

Velti recommended a new approach - given the larger screen size, it made sense to integrate a larger ad unit, optimized across multiple ad networks. Increasing visibility with a larger ad size turned out to be a smart strategy. By increasing the ad size to 728x90, they saw a dramatic improvement in results:

  • Fill rate increased
  • Average CTR increased to 0.5%


A popular app scores a goal

Before the start of the World Cup of 2010, MagicSolver released a paid app that contained a World Cup schedule that displayed match times according to the user's local time - a huge win for dedicated fans - plus other vital information. But when the paid app showed low download volume and revenue, MagicSolver turned to Velti for support.

STATS A glimpse at the playbook

  • TOTAL DOWNLOADS: 6 million (over 20 apps across iOS & Android)
  • REVENUE: Peaked at $60,000 / month
  • AVERAGE CTR: 0.5%

RESULTS THAT MATTER Implementing "freemium" model increases revenue

Velti advised MagicSolver to switch their app from paid to "freemium" - consisting of both a free, ad-supported "lite" version and a more robust paid version. This model proved to be a success, peaking at $60,00 in revenue per month and millions of satisfied fans.


A predatory game faces extinction

Hungry Shark is an addictive game where users race to the top of an aquatic food chain through a series of fast-paced contests. The company launched as a paid app, with dismal results: sales were low, resulting in revenues that were less than exciting. The team turned to Velti for help in developing a new strategy.

STATS Inside the shark tank

  • TOTAL DOWNLOADS: 14 million
  • REVENUE: $10,000 / month
  • AVERAGE CTR: 0.96%

RESULTS THAT MATTER Changing tactics leads to a huge catch

Velti helped Hungry Shark to whet the appetites of customers by giving away the first level of their game for free - to advance, users could upgrade to paid. The strategy was a hit, leading to 350,000 free downloads/day and 15,000 paid/day in August 2010, as well as an additional $10,000 a month in ad revenue earnings.

For Mobile Operators


U.S. Mobile Users Get a PayDay

The U.S. wireless market is hotly competitive, with carriers each vying for the attention of mobile subscribers. When a leading U.S. mobile operator wanted to engage their customers in an exciting new way, they worked with Velti to craft an attention-getting campaign.

THE VELTI SOLUTION A rewarding opportunity for mobile users

Velti helped to develop and launch a large-scale campaign for the mobile operator that included the following:

  • Messaging-based trivia game where users could answer highly interactive trivia questions for the chance to win daily and weekly prizes such as cash and cars.
  • An integrated social media campaign that shared news about the contest and built buzz via Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • A mechanism to drive in-store traffic by offering 30%-off coupons for all participants who reached a certain score in any game.
  • A tie-in with live events - reaching over 66,000 spectators during a co-promotion with a National Football League team.

RESULTS THAT MATTER Dialing in a win for everyone involved

The 98-day campaign was an unreserved success - not only did over 100 subscribers win more than a total of $1 million in prizes, but the mobile operator also chalked up additional revenues and generated significant word of mouth marketing:

  • Over 1.3 million subscribers participated in the campaign.
  • A percentage of participants converted from free to billed subscribers.
  • 60 million MO messages received over the course of the campaign.
  • 40 MO messages averaged per user during the campaign.


The Football Mania Campaign

Airtel Africa provides mobile services for over 50 million customers across 17 African markets. Football is an obsession here, and the company approached Velti about creating a messaging campaign with a football theme to help foster excitement among its mobile customers. Airtel Africa hoped to drive more traffic to its Football Mania mobile app, engage customers and football fans, and give away some incredible prizes.

THE VELTI SOLUTION Football fans get a chance to win

Velti helped to develop and launch a staged campaign for Airtel Africa that included an a messaging-based trivia game where users could answer football-related trivia questions for the chance to win daily, weekly, and grand prizes.

RESULTS THAT MATTER Scoring a goal for mobile

The Football Mania campaign began in Chad, Congo Democratic Republic, Sierra Leone, and Madagascar, and will soon be rolled out in Tanzania, Republic of the Congo, Malawi, and Niger. Each campaign ranged from 60-90 days, and generated a tremendous about of excitement among users.

  • Over 400,000 participants played within the first month of the rollout
  • Up to 13 messages were sent on average per participant
  • 3 million customer interactions (MOs) were achieved in the first month
  • Up to 10% penetration achieved among the subscriber bases targeted


A carrier makes a play for engagement

MTS is the largest mobile carrier in Russia, with over 70 million subscribers. The company began working with Velti in 2008 to find creative ways to strengthen its relationships with customers, generate excitement about the brand, and sustain its position as the market leader.

THE VELTI SOLUTION Mobile customers get into the game

Velti helped to develop and launch three large-scale campaigns for MTS. The campaigns engaged customers through fun and rewarding interactions, which increased ARPU and total revenue for MTS by encouraging data and premium text usage. Specifically:

  • The 'Messaging Campaign for Millions' campaign, which awarded big cash prizes for participating in a messaging-based quiz game. Participants competed for points, with bonus incentives added throughout to drive excitement.
  • The 'Your Messaging Chance' campaign, which engaged fans by offering free content. Participants also entered a drawing to win two BMW luxury automobiles each week. Over 1000 iPhone incentives, such as attractive content and bonus points, motivated users to stay in the game.
  • The 'Choose your Prize' campaign, a fun game that allowed participants to win daily and weekly prizes.

RESULTS THAT MATTER The final score: win-win

Each of the three campaigns was a tremendous success, garnering widespread participation and engagement from MTS's subscriber base and rewarding thousands of customers with valuable prizes:

  • Five million unique MTS customers were reached during the campaigns
  • 50 million messages were sent
  • 16 messages were sent on average per participant
  • Over $13 million in prizes was awarded to over 1500 winners
  • Valuable customer data was collected, including demographic information and preferences, enabling more efficient segmentation for future personalized offerings


Loyalty is no commodity

A Tier 1 European mobile operator has a customer base that numbers well into the millions. In a competitive market, the company needed a way to differentiate its products and services beyond simply minutes and megabytes. It approached Velti to help it differentiate the mobile operator's brand and foster loyalty among its subscriber base.


THE VELTI SOLUTION Subscribers see the value in topping up

Velti helped to develop and launch a cost-effective loyalty program that targeted over five million subscribers. An incentive program gave prepaid subscribers the chance to win a reward for recharging to a certain level, and offered a guaranteed reward for customers who topped-up over another pre-set threshold.

The program was promoted through various channels, including TV and radio commercials, in-store advertising, online and social networks, and broadcast messages to the operator's prepaid subscriber base.

RESULTS THAT MATTER Churn drops, and participation skyrockets

The campaign was a big win for both the Tier 1 operator and its subscribers, giving mobile users extra perks and benefits while increasing the likelihood that they would stay with the service:

  • 35% of the subscribers targeted participated in the program
  • 10% increase in ARPU
  • 21% reduction in churn