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Advertisers are going mobile

Mobile advertising is quickly becoming the most effective way for advertisers to attract audiences. Mobile publishers have what advertisers want - available inventory. Are you monetizing your inventory?

  • 140,248
    Rich Media Ad Requests occur every 60 seconds through the Velti Exchange
  • 2.01%
    CTR on iPad - the highest of iPad, iPhone and Android
  • 64%
    of mobile apps used are games, leading all other app categories

Making money can be complicated

Learning how to monetize your app is no small endeavor. You want to be sure that you are running the best ads for your app, so you collect the highest revenue.

  • You need options.

    The market is cluttered with ad networks and exchanges. You need the flexibility to work with as many of them as you want.

  • You need access.

    Working with multiple ad networks broadens your opportunities for filling your inventory, but implementing multiple SDKs is time consuming and confusing.

  • You need help.

    Managing your inventory and keeping track of your app's performance is time consuming. With so many things to think about, monetization can become a full-time job.

The most flexible way to get the results you want

Move inventory, protect your brand and maximize your revenue - all in one place.

Solutions that work

Velti offers the most dependable, comprehensive ad platform on the market.

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  • Global reach.

    Tap into an unprecedented network of brands and advertisers located around the world.

  • Awesome ads.

    Rest easy knowing Velti's advanced filtering tools ensure that your ads always align with your audience.

  • Prompt payments.

    We guarantee our publishers Net 90 payment terms. If that's not fast enough, we also offer Net 15 and Net 30 options.

Technology that delivers

Velti's unified platform gives you total control over your ad inventory.

  • A lightweight SDK that does the heavy lifting.

    One download rules them all - Velti's SDK integrates multiple different ad networks with speed so that you can add and update your networks with ease.

  • A real-time bidding engine that gets the job done.

    Get the highest rate for your ad inventory, and get matched with the right buyers - all on a scalable platform that provides you with new sources of demand.

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  • For developers and small publishers.
    We offer a self-service model that puts you in charge.
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  • For large publishers and media companies.
    We provide a consultative approach offering that includes one-on-one support.
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