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Self-Service Offering

You have mobile ad inventory, and plenty of advertisers would love to occupy it. Velti offers a free, self-service solution that provides access to all the best ads – all in one place – so you can make the most money.

OPTIMIZED SDK Get a lot of power in a small package

Velti gives you total control of your ad inventory and revenue opportunities in a single download with our optimized SDK.

  • Skip the heavy SDK footprint.

    Integrate our SDK which has a small footprint of <270k and leave room for the content and features your users want.

  • Add networks effortlessly.

    Sign up for new ad networks without the hassle of updating your app each time.

  • Get everything you need in one place.

    Access your ad networks, see your reports, and receive one single check all in one place.

EASY PAYMENTS Make the money you deserve

Draw the highest eCPM, and then get paid when and how you want. Velti helps you make the most of your monetization potential.

Earn top dollar for every impression.

Bring in the most revenue for your inventory. Velti makes sure that your application is serving advertisements from the highest paying network at any given moment based on revenue and analytics data.

Receive consolidated payments.

Eliminate the confusion of scattered payments from your ad networks. Velti consolidates your payments into one check, so you can easily keep track of your earnings.

Take advantage of advanced payments.

See your payment when you need it, not months later. Velti offers the option to receive your check in either 15 or 30 days after the month’s end, instead of the standard 90-150 days.


ACCESSIBLE INVENTORY Match your apps with the best ads

Why limit your app’s earning potential? Velti allows you to access tons of ads, all the time – giving you the opportunity to fill your inventory with the best ones.

  • Plug into multiple ad networks.

    Expand your arsenal of ads by working with as many ad networks as you choose, all at once. The more advertisers that bid for your inventory, the more money you make.

  • Never run on empty.

    Keep your inventory well stocked with ads. Velti has one of the industry’s highest fill rates, so you’ll always be equipped for earnings.

  • Find ads that fit.

    Be sure that the ads on your site are appropriate for your content and audience. Velti helps you filter out ads that may not suit your app, so you earn the trust and confidence of your users.