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Private Exchange

As the mobile advertising market matures, premium publishers need tools that give them the ability to control and manage their own exchanges. Velti offers a custom private mobile advertising exchange that provides premium publishers the flexibility to manage their own buying and selling relationships.

TOTAL CONTROL Adapt to market changes in real-time

Take control over your pricing in a closed environment that gives you the ability to screen and choose buyers, set pricing, and make changes on the fly. Velti’s private exchange puts you in the driver’s seat.

  • Keep a handle on your pricing.

    Set upper and lower limits on pricing to protect sales targets and optimize revenue performance.

  • Secure the safety of your brand.

    Choose buyers who represent brands and campaigns that align with your brand image. Target brands and agencies that meet your inventory specs and match your profile.

  • Manage your inventory more effectively.

    Maintain control over who you sell to and how they sell your inventory. Velti’s real-time bidding environment lets you set the rules.

Velti Private Exchange

ANALYTICS & REPORTING Gain insights that drive profitability.

Your private exchange provides you with an integrated dashboard where you can take actions and see results in a single place – allowing you to quickly and effectively put data and analytics to use to improve performance.

  • Run your ad operations from one place.
    Set bids, approve buyers, check earnings, and view reports – all in a single private dashboard.
  • Monitor ongoing performance.
    View reports on performance metrics – daily, weekly, and monthly.
  • Get the information you need to improve efficiency.

    Gain detailed information about your market, such as fill rates, eCPMs, click-through rates, and overall revenues.