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Data & Analytics

Knowing how your app is performing at all times is a critical component of successful development. Velti provides insight into your app’s activity and who is interacting with it so that you can make the adjustments that boost your user base and your revenues.

PERFORMANCE Size up your app

Is your app living up to your expectations? See your app’s performance through your self-serve dashboard. If you’re a member of our Premium Service offering, look forward to in-depth performance reviews from Velti contained in monthly and quarterly reports. Increase your revenues by refining your app to align better with ad placement.

USAGE See who you’re attracting

Gain visibility into who is using your app, so you can increase engagement and retention. Velti helps you to learn which networks and devices are bringing you the most traffic, and shows you how to use this intelligence to draw in new users.

REPORTING Get it all in one place

Velti saves you time and resources by providing unified reporting through your personalized dashboard. See all of your reports in one place, so you don’t have to track down individual pieces to get a clear understanding of your app’s activity. See your clicks, impressions, network earnings, and other analytics all in an easy-to-use interface.

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