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Your customers want to play

Mobile subscribers feel a personal connection to their devices, creating new opportunities for carriers to cultivate relationships that build loyalty and excitement. Differentiate your brand by engaging customers with fun and interesting experiences they will want to participate in.

  • 5.6B
    mobile phone subscribers globally
  • 1.4
    average number of mobile devices per subscriber
  • 17%
    global population
    have an active mobile-broadband subscription

Captivating customers is a challenge

Keeping customers satisfied is harder than ever in today's competitive environment.

  • High churn rates burn even the best brands.

    Customers are constantly looking for the best deal and are willing to go wherever it is.

  • Revenues keep dropping.

    Increasing competition and regulatory issues continue to impact bottom lines.

  • Mobile campaigns can get complicated.

    When reaching out to customers, how often is too often? Finding the right balance of brand engagement can be tricky, requiring real-time visibility into campaign performance, plus in-depth data and analysis.

Everything you need to get the results you want

Plan, manage, and run large campaigns that attract and retain your customers

Solutions that work

Velti delivers solid, proven solutions based on 11 years of experience in getting results. We understand how to design mobile promotions programs that attract customers, drive engagement, and increase revenues. These campaigns build on your retention and loyalty efforts, connecting you to the people who matter most to your business.

Technology that delivers

Velti's mGage platform eliminates the worry of poor system performance for your high-traffic, high-volume campaign. Our carrier-grade platform supports your efforts to reach large numbers of subscribers.

Velti mGage technology

Partnership that profits

Velti is your partner in mobile marketing, helping you optimize your campaigns and form lasting relationships with your customers. Our performance-based model puts the pressure on us to achieve results, and helps you boost profits with minimum risk.