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Competition, regulation and socio-economic pressures are prevalent in today’s commercial world. Customers are increasingly comparing like products and services, leveraging websites to do their research. Likewise, consumers experience marketing temptation from competitive brands looking to convert business away from your customer base.

Velti delivers world class loyalty programs to a range of clients including the most recognized names in Mobile Operators, Banking, Retail, FMCG, Gambling and more. We understand the nuances and business pressures in these sectors as well as global and cultural challenges and tailor our solutions to the needs of our clients.

LOYALTY PROGRAMS Turning customers to brand advocates without the financial risk

Using a mobile initiated, multi-channel strategy, Velti helps drive customer behavior and create financial benefits for our enterprise customers. We operate a performance-based commercial model where Velti is accountable and responsible for hitting KPI targets. Our focused approach aims at meeting business requirements using innovative technology and expertise, combined with a shared risk approach. The result: world-class loyalty programs.

Our loyalty programs can benefit you in a number of ways:

  • Brand recognition drives engagement.

    Showing your customers appreciation with relevant and timely rewards connects them to your brand – in stronger, more associative and opens the opportunity for deeper conversations and engagements with your customers.

  • Understand, act and interact.

    Velti has deep expertise in data analysis and driving recommendation to enhance loyalty solutions. We collect and analyze detailed participation data (as well as demographic, psychographic, usage and pattern learning) to determine new ways of driving behavioral change.

  • Drive activity.

    Increase spend by encouraging customers to participate in targeted promotions via the mobile channel. Creating interactions that are enjoyable and engaging to your consumers build more profitable programs for you.

  • Success for all members of the ecosystem.

    Velti’s innovative performance pricing means you pay for positive results. Performance-driven dashboards help you measure the success of your loyalty programs, all run on Velti mGage.

Velti Retention

CUSTOMIZED CARE True customer sentiment – learn and adapt

Rewards alone don’t guarantee loyal customers. Velti provides an opportunity for customers to speak out and receive support.

  • Gather opinions through customer surveys.

    Conduct brief surveys of your customer base to learn how your brand is being perceived, and how you can improve both the customer experience and your Net Promoter Score (NPS).

  • Analyze customer history to deliver personalized messaging.

    Learn when and how much customers top up and offer rewards for increased activity through predictive purchase messaging. Velti can help you interpret your customers’ personal preferences to craft messages that get a response.

  • Open up to mobile communities.

    Velti helps you retain, manage, and grow your customer base by increasing value for your customers. Promote social interactions that bond customers with your brand and provide access to value-added content to keep customers coming back.