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Large Scale Promotions

Attract the right kind of attention for your brand – and significantly boost your ARPU and total revenues in the process – by partnering with Velti. We will design and manage extensive mobile marketing campaigns that reach your subscribers and help you meet your business goals.

MEGA PROMOTIONS Cause a commotion on a grand scale

Reach your extensive subscriber base and attract new customers with games, contests, sweepstakes, and more. Velti has over 11 years of experience in running successful mobile initiatives that can reach 68 countries around the globe.

Velti Large Scale Campaigns
  • Spark interest with unique new marketing tools.

    Grab your customers’ attention and drive active participation with a strategic yet exciting campaign.

  • Boost revenue through data and premium text usage.

    Increase ARPU by encouraging customers to participate in targeted promotions through the use of inventive mobile entertainment options. Interactions that are enjoyable for them become profitable for you.

  • Identify new revenue opportunities.

    Collect and analyze detailed participation data to determine new ways to market and sell to your customers.


Everyone loves to win. Velti helps you engage and reward your customers with fun games and appealing prizes.

  • Invite participation with highly interactive campaigns.

    Recruit customers to participate through SMS, social media, or web notifications. Create experiences that engage your customers through exciting quiz questions and activities. Games offer the thrill of competition while positively building your brand image.

  • Keep their attention by rewarding them for playing.

    Sustain interest and extend participation by offering reward points, discounted services, or tantalizing daily, weekly, or grand prizes. Every enticing option gives you another chance to be in contact with your customer.

  • Create buzz beyond your customer base.

    Get the word out about your campaign by publicly recognizing the achievements of your customers. Velti can help you post a leader board, call out top players, and develop a community by encouraging participants to share their successes through social media.

CUSTOMIZED DELIVERY Make your campaign a special delivery

Make your large-scale campaigns and promotions a success by understanding what matters to your target audience. Velti treats your customers with respect and consideration. We understand how to engage your audience at the best time and in the best ways.

  • Appeal to the right people at the right time.

    Velti helps you identify your target demographic and consider how they like to play, the challenges they prefer, and the level of engagement they want to have with the promotion.

  • Protect your brand’s reputation and credibility.

    Ensure that your campaign complies with your audience’s legal, cultural, and local environments. Trust Velti to do the necessary research to preserve your brand image.

  • Provide additional value with prizes.

    Generate interest in your campaign by offering attractive prizes and rewards to your customers.