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Data & Analytics

Data helps keep your campaign on track, so you can achieve your business objectives. Velti uses data and analytics to target your campaign to the right people, make changes along the way, and strategize for success in the future.


Keep your customers engaged by seeing what works – and what doesn’t – quickly. With projects that capture up to 3 billion data facts per day, Velti is able to provide real-time insight into your campaign’s performance, so you can adjust it immediately through the mGage platform.

  • Test to determine the right type of communication.

    Use multi-variant testing when creating communications to see which ones garner the best responses.

  • Gain visibility into your campaign performance.

    Track campaign effectiveness and customer behavior through Velti’s mGage platform to see if your promotion is meeting business goals.

  • Fine-tune your campaign in real-time.

    Capture data throughout your campaign and use insights to make tweaks on the fly.


AUDIENCE INSIGHTS Get to know your audience

Velti uses demographic profiling to bring your campaign to the right audience, the right way. We collect data throughout the campaign to enhance and complete your customer information.

Audience Insights

  • Identify your target demographic.

    Velti collects customer data at the start of each campaign, so that we can deliver the most effective approach. We monitor and modify this information as the campaign progresses to achieve better results.

  • Tailor your messaging to fit your customers.

    Group participants according to habits and behaviors to send messages at the right time. Velti evaluates daily behavior results, so your efforts stay focused.

  • Build more complete demographic profiles.

    Fill in the gaps in your customer information with the data you gain from Velti.

POST-CAMPAIGN ANALYSIS Look back and learn

Your learning process doesn’t stop at the end of your campaign. See how your campaign performed, how much you earned, and how you can improve in future campaigns with Velti’s in-depth post-campaign analysis.

  • Get a glimpse of patterns and trends.

    Velti performs a deep analysis of the data collected throughout your campaign, determining variables and accuracy and identifying areas for improvement.

  • Explore a detailed post-campaign report.

    See your performance forecast, profitability analysis, and campaign metrics in a comprehensive review from Velti. Use this report to plan your next campaign.

  • Get suggestions for boosting future success.

    To derive value from data and analytics, you need insight. Velti closely analyzes your campaign data to provide recommendations for increasing revenues and driving further engagement.