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Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is transforming the way organisations engage and communicate with their customers. The use of mobile to market a brand, campaign or message plays a powerful role within a cross platform mobile marketing strategy.

For brands, whether your objectives are to drive customer acquisition, increase brand awareness, create additional revenue streams, improve customer retention or encourage consumer engagement and participation - Velti's mobile marketing expertise enables organisations to generate customer opt-in databases, drive attendance to specific online locations, sell goods and services via a mobile website and more.


Design is at the heart of everything we do - building intuitive user experience (UX) and presentation of your brand. Whether it's a mobile app or website, we focus on creating an exceptional mobile experience that helps build strong customer relationships every time.

We offer a range of design and UX services including research, strategy and concept, and build solutions using:

mobile marketing
  • User Research
    We research our customers and work with key stakeholders to produce our findings into sensible conclusions.

  • Concept Generation and Testing
    This is where we are able to get creative and share our concepts with our customers.

  • Specifications
    Providing detail around layout, words and imagery.

  • Prototyping
    Delivering working mock ups and prototypes that bring your project to life.

  • Usability Testing
    Bringing users together to allow debugging of designs.

  • Competitive Research
    Constantly learning about our competitors' solutions, so we can help you stay ahead.


Did you know?

  • Approximately 70% of smart device users are prepared to opt-in for communications with their favoured brands on a frequency range from hourly to weekly (MIG Research).
  • 50% of the UK population will have smart devices and 94% of smartphone owners will use the mobile internet by the end of 2012 (Nielson).
  • 55-60% of Twitter usage is via smartphones and that Facebook claims nearly half of its 800M users log in via mobile devices (CNET).
  • Mobile users spent an average of 5.6 hours on the site in December 2010, 11 minutes a day (comScore).

Velti is an expert in the delivery of inbound and outbound marketing campaigns via mobile messaging, social media and email.

Our mGage Communicate tool is a flexible, web-based platform that allows you to build and manage campaigns yourself or Velti's team of experts can deliver it for you as part of a managed service.

mGage Communicate enables you to send mobile messages, broadcast advertising, increase customer loyalty, run competitions and opinion polls, gather customer profiling and engage your customers through a single, integrated and automated platform.

mGage Communicate enables you to:

  • Produce quick and simple messages, email or social media campaigns.
  • Easily set up and manage complex multiple step campaigns.
  • Collect vital customer data and build complex profiling.
  • Interact effectively with your customers and enable cross sell of products and services.
  • Advertise new products, run competitions and opinion polls, gather marketing information and more.
  • Integrate mGage Communicate into your existing CRM system through full API connections.


With Velti's deep expertise, we ensure that mobile is implemented into the heart of your overall marketing and multi-channel strategy. We have provided in-depth mobile strategy work for a range of customers, including M&S, ITV, FIVE, Bauer, New Look, and MoneySupermarket.

The purpose of Velti's mobile strategy development is:

  • Educate clients about upcoming developments in mobile: what will happen, when it will happen, and how important it will be to your business.
  • Define which of the client's core business objectives can be impacted by utilising the mobile channel.
  • Define a set of products, services and objectives that the client should develop over a three year period.
  • Build a roadmap for development of these services that can form the basis of a business case and an activity plan for sign-off at board level.
  • Future-proof client's business and create competitive advantage against the developing mobile future.

The result of the work is an extensive report, derived from our strategy definition process. This has three main components:

Mobile industry knowledge and forecasting

Our extensive knowledge on mobile strategy includes the current and future trends in the mobile landscape, including device and OS futures, network operator activity, the mobile media landscape, mobile channels and technologies, demographics, and the emerging next-gen landscape of mCommerce, mobile web and mobile social networking.

Business analysis and change consultancy

To develop a complete mobile strategy, a program of business analysis should be undertaken. This will firstly identify the business objectives. Following this comes a take-on of the business realities of the client, including available content, product development and release processes, marketing and technology platforms and comms strategy. Once these are understood, we can then use this as a basis for the third phase. The take-on is performed through a series of interviews with key team members at the client premises.

Mobile program definition

Many clients already have plans or active developments in mobile, yet few have looked at all the technology available and where the mobile landscape is heading to define a firm program of mobile channel activation. This phase of the strategy defines all the products that the client should deliver to market, and illustrates them including objective, functions, audience, best practice, relevant case studies, detailed creative mock-ups, and forecast uptake and return. Each recommended product is also scoped with ballpark cost an timescales to gauge required investment and time to launch.

The recommended solutions, which include products and services, are then arranged into a roadmap for delivery based on priority, maturity of the required technology, internal resource requirements and any other relevant factors. The roadmap is intended to give the client stakeholders justification for a mobile strategy presentable up to board level.


For brand marketers, Velti works closely with our clients to understand their objectives, enabling us to deliver the right level of engagement, across a plethora of relevant channels that the consumer prefers to engage with.

The winning ingredient is getting the right mix and balance of mobile, online, social media and eCRm - this is when the magic really starts to happen. We believe in the power of multichannel. We know that brands who invest in a multichannel approach build stronger, more engaging and loyal relationships with their customers.

At the core of the solutions Velti delivers is a unique set of tools and platforms which allow us to develop complex, integrated campaigns that work across all digital channels. This toolset enables our team to develop eCRM campaigns, manage user-generated content, build loyalty and retention campaigns.