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Mobile Payments

"In 2011, the global mobile payments market will be worth $240 billion globally, and is expected to exceed $1 trillion by 2014? (KPMG, 2011)"

Velti is Europe's largest mobile billing, messaging and payments business, and the leading global provider of mobile marketing solutions to brands and agencies around the world.

Our technology platform, mGage Connect provides the fastest and most effective mobile messaging, billing and payment solutions. It also boasts the fastest messaging gateway in the industry; provides direct to Mobile Network Operator (MNO) billing; is simple to use and integrates seamlessly into other 3rd party platforms.

mGage Connect provides:

  • Direct technical connectivity in 44 countries including UK, Ireland, Australia and Benelux.
  • Processing capabilities in excess of 40,000 messages per second.

INTERNATIONAL MOBILE PAYMENTSZaypay - 'Big in small payments'

Zaypay, part of Velti, provides fast, flexible and secure mobile payments for digital content and virtual goods. Covering 44 countries, it enables developers to benefit from greater payouts and reduced drop off rates by integrating with Zaypay's mobile payment APIs.

Zaypay, which was built by developers, for developers, enables you to:

  • Improve customer conversion rates by up to 60% through offering an alternative payment method to credit cards.
  • Sign up and start getting paid in four simple steps.
  • Benefit from faster, better outpayments.
  • Set up accounts that require no set up fees, no monthly contracts and no volume commitments.
  • Choose from a range of integration options.

Visit zaypay.com to learn more about international micropayments