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Your customers are on the move. Are you?

Reaching your audience wherever they are has never been easier. Consumers are personally attached to the devices they carry with them, and many are connected around the clock. Whether your goal is to build brand awareness, develop additional engagement channels, or drive extra revenue opportunities, the time to make an impact with mobile is now. Partner with Velti to get mobile solutions for your brand or agency, with options for self-service or managed services to suit your business needs.

  • 116%
    Increase in Mobile Marketing spend (Y/Y)
  • 71%
    Users search using smartphone as a result of seeing an ad
  • 42%
    Increase in smartphone sales (Y/Y)

Changing your approach can be difficult

Even as mobile device usage skyrockets, many marketers are struggling to incorporate mobile into their marketing mix. Meanwhile, agencies supporting these mobile strategies and programs for brands must reconcile an array of vendors and processes across the entire spectrum of advertising, creative and marketing activities. For both marketers and agencies, reaching consumers through mobile is a challenge:

  • Technology is changing fast.
    Just a few short years ago, the iPhone, Android, and iPad didn’t exist. Now they define the way we communicate.

  • Results are difficult to see.
    For marketers, trying to balance multiple channels, platforms, and engagement paths can be frustrating. Agencies face an even greater challenge - without clear, consolidated campaign metrics, identifying ROI is nearly impossible, and optimizing campaigns becomes guesswork.

  • Resources are limited.
    Many companies don’t have mobile experts in house. Agencies may have experience running mobile campaigns, but lack a unified platform that provides the ability to run multiple campaigns at once.

Everything you need to get the results you want

Velti offers a self-service platform that enables you to control and manage the mobile aspects of your marketing program. We also back you up with managed services that leverage our deep expertise in developing and executing successful mobile strategies.

Solutions that work

Velti offers products and services that cover the entire mobile advertising and marketing lifecycle – from acquisition to retention and upselling. With our self-service tools and managed services, Velti helps marketers and agencies meet their mobile marketing goals.

  • Acquire.
    Develop advertising campaigns and marketing initiatives to acquire new customers and raise awareness of your brand through the mobile channel.
  • Retain.
    Engage and delight your existing customers with creative marketing campaigns that foster adoption and loyalty.
  • Upsell.
    Promote new products and drive additional revenue with insightful, highly-targeted mobile user experiences.

Technology that delivers

Velti gives you the ability to streamline all of your mobile marketing and advertising efforts on a single unified platform called mGage.

Partnership that profits

Velti is your partner in mobile, helping you choose the right mix of services and technology that will meet your marketing and advertising goals.

  • Self-Service/SaaS:

    Leverage our SaaS model for mGage — the leading mobile marketing platform that allows you to build and manage mobile campaigns.

  • Managed Services:

    We offer a managed services model that includes professional and hosting services to help get your campaigns and marketing programs up and running fast. Leverage this model when you need to quickly augment your team, gain efficiencies, and speed time to market.