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Velti Infographics

In addition to our monthly State of Mobile Advertising reports, we also work to bring you quarterly infographics that cover mobile around the world. With data available in almost every continent, our infographics reveal insights on user behavior, the latest mobile marketing trends, advertising opportunities in the mobile ecosystem, and much more.

Consumer Engagement In The Multi - Screen World

We live in an era where consumers interact with multiple devices and screens throughout the day. In an effort to better understand UK's consumer engagement in the multi-screen world, we conducted a research focusing on the different activities users commit to with simultaneous screen usage.

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The World of Smart Devices & The UK Market - June 2013

Curious as we are with the evolution of mobile, we took a closer look at UK's smart device adoption rate in the past few years, as well as engagement rates of UK consumers with smart devices. Focusing primarily on the smartphone and tablet markets, our latest infographic sheds light on how fast trends have shifted in this "always connected" world.

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Mobile — The Shop In Your Pocket — September 2012

We surveyed 3000 UK consumers to find out their attitudes towards branded mobile communications. Key findings indicate that over 50% would opt-in to receive smart direct mobile communications with their favoured brands, citing retailers as the second most trusted sector.

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Which OS Reigns in the UK? — July 2012

Piggy-backing off of UK's celebration of Queen Elizabeth II's 60-year reign, we wanted to know: how does mobile reign in the UK alongside Queen Elizabeth II? Picked up on UK's Mobile Entertainment, we found that iOS dominates over Android in the UK, 62% vs. 38% respectively.

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How Smartphone Users Plan to Vote: Obama vs. Romney — July 2012

With the US Presidential race recently heating up between Obama and Romney, we at Velti partnered with Harris Interactive ® to conduct an online survey among nearly 800 iPhone and Android smartphone users on their voting preferences. Picked up on Bloomberg, Mashable, MediaPost and more, results showed a nearly 20% difference in political alignment among voters who own either an Android or iPhone!

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Mobile Usage During Super Bowl XLVI — February 2012

According to a nationwide poll released from Velti & Harris Interactive (seen on Mashable), 60% of mobile users plan to look at or use their mobile device during this year's Super Bowl, and half of all viewers 18 and older are expected to check their device up to 10 times during the game!

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